Most people know that older homes were built with less insulation, but even newer constructions can be lacking in this necessary material of home efficiency. Unless your house was specifically designed for energy efficiency you can probably lower your energy costs by adding more insulation.

insulationInsulation provides resistance to heat flow and the more resistant your home is to this exchange, the lower the costs to heat and cool it. During your home energy audit, a Cape Cod Energy Solutions energy specialist will check the location, type, and thickness of your existing insulation. Then, with the objective of improving your home’s thermal envelope, the auditor will point out what spots in your basement, crawlspace, walls, floor, garage, and attic need insulation, whether initial or additional, and the type. These improvements are eligible for incentives that lower the cost of installation. Add that reduction to the value of improved comfort and savings you will experience and you will wonder why you waited so long to upgrade your insulation.


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