Air Sealing & Weatherization

In Massachusetts the winters can be a harsh and difficult time. Having a drafty and leaky house that allows all the bone-chilling temperatures into your living space and causes your utility costs to increase doesn’t make it any easier. Thankfully, there are steps homeowners can take to tighten their home’s thermal envelope and increase their quality of life in many ways.

Installing air sealing and weatherization measures starts by having a BPI certified energy specialist evaluate through a home energy assessment where your home is leaking and what it needs to become energy efficient. Doing a blower door test, which depressurizes a house, is the primary means of determining this information. Leaks can be caused by many standard home features, including attic knee walls, rim joist/ wall plate seams, open wall cavities, recessed lights, and open chimney chases. Based on your home’s needs these procedures might consist of blown in cellulose, caulking, metal flashing, door sweeps, or weather stripping. The benefits of implementing these actions goes beyond shutting out freezing gusts in winter and lowering your energy bills. They can reduce noise from outside, let less pollen, dust, and pests into your living space, and allow for better control of humidity and moisture problems. In combination with other upgrades such as more insulation and higher efficiency HVAC equipment, air sealing and weatherization also reduce the footprint your house has on the environment.


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